6 ‘Crazy Russian’ YouTube Clips That Would Make Awesome Winter Olympic Events

With the Sochi games underway, MTV News offers some suggestions on how to spice things up.

Russia has been getting plenty of bad press as of late, for everything from the substandard bathrooms (that are probably under surveillance) at the Olympic Village to, you know, President Vladimir Putin’s truly awful crackdown on LGBT rights.

And that’s a shame, because, really, Russia is a beautiful place … rich in culture, natural wonders, and a unique blend of lawlessness that’s one-fourth Wild West, three-quarters distilled spirits (with a hint of Iron Curtain despondency thrown in for good measure). Seriously, life there is just like “Jackass,” except the nearest hospital is 500 kilometers away and Johnny Knoxville not only owns a Soviet T-70 tank, but is allowed to drive it on the highway during rush hour.

In other words: Sh–is nuts there. Don’t believe us? Head to YouTube, where there are literally days of “Crazy Russian” compilations available for your viewing pleasure. From dudes wrestling bears and settling traffic disputes with hatchets to vehicles randomly catching fire and the occasional fighter-jet flyover, Russia really seems like the kind of place where anything goes.

And with the Winter Olympics beginning today, it’s time for Russia to tap that daredevil spirit and integrate it into the Games themselves. What better way for the nation to repair its public image than by replacing lame events like curling with cool stuff like the 10,000-liter vodka punch-off? Using the vast treasure trove of clips available on YouTube, we’ve picked some stunts that would be perfect additions … so long as everyone involved signed a waiver beforehand.

Actually, forget that last part. Everyone knows waivers don’t mean jack in Russia.

The 10,000-Meter Dog-And-Horse Street Race
At the 23-second mark of this clip, you’ll see a dog and a horse drag racing down a busy Russian sidewalk, while a crowd of pedestrians scramble for cover. Sure, it’s slightly terrifying, but it’s also adorable … and, frankly, we’ve been looking for a way to combine Westminster and Pimlico for years now. Also, if a dog takes the gold, there is a 100-percent chance Disney will resurrect its “Air Bud” franchise, which means we all win.

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