9 Twitter Friends Lorde Needs On Her Musical Team

Stop tweeting and start recording!

"We're on each other's team," Lorde sings in the bang-up single from her debut LP, Pure Heroine. Well, lady, I'd like to see that promise made manifest this year — with scads and scads of collaborations. What can I say? I'm greedy.

The 17-year-old singer has no shortage of admirers and famous friends — at least according to her Twitter feed — so it really shouldn't be too hard to send out a few DMs that are all like, "Yo, let's get together over pizza and other tasty treats and pen a #1 hit or two!!" Am I right? I think I'm right.

Over the last year or so, Lorde has chatted with more than a few folks on the Interwebs that I think she would make beautiful music with. Check out the nine tweets we hope lead to tunes below:


HAIM is already rocking out in the sidelines at Lorde's shows, how easy it would be for them to just wander onstage and belt out a verse of "Bravado"... or four.


Lorde was down to work with Diplo when MTV News chatted with her last summer. Make it happen, kids, you're chatty enough on the Twits — now take that talk to the studio.

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick already burst eardrums with his Grammy collab with Imagine Dragons, we can only (that band name — dragons) what he and Lorde could do.

Taylor Swift

These BFFs should take it to the next level. Duets.

Grizzly Bear And Vampire Weekend

A Lorde, a bear and a vampire sound like the makings of a far-out YA novel — or the best supergroup of all time.

Mac Miller

These dudes could give each other hair tips — and then make some musical magic.

Chance The Rapper

We're not sure what Lorde's response to the Chicago rapper means, but we'll just translate it to: "Let's drop a mixtape."

Lady Gaga

Lorde and Lady? C'mon!


This dream could soon become a reality, as it seems Lorde is slated to perform at the BRIT Awards with the electronic music duo.

One down, eight more to go...