‘The Walking Dead’ Gets Recapped… With Cat GIFs

Celebrate the return of 'The Walking Dead' with an extra-special recat... Er, cap.

On February 9, “The Walking Dead” will finally end its mid-season hiatus, to the great delight of desperate fans who have gone months (months!) without so much as a glimpse of a zombie.

The only problem: In the weeks since the last episode before the break, the details of the first half of the season have gotten a little … fuzzy:

When we first started with Season 4, the prison community was flourishing.

A group of intelligent, thoughtful leaders was put in place to help keep the population happy, healthy and well-fed.

Rick had given up decision-making and dictatorship in favor of farming.

Love was blooming amongst the survivors.

And everywhere, people were beginning to settle into new routines.

But it couldn’t be all fun, games and vegetables.

One little case of influenza brought down poor, bespectacled newbie Patrick as he tried to cool off in the shower.

The outbreak became an epidemic.

A horde of walkers outside the fence threatened to topple the gates.

A supply run in search of antibiotics revealed that newcomer Bob Stookey was nothing but a callow drunk.

Carol was exiled when the truth came out that she’d killed two innocents in an attempt to stop the spread of the flu.

And we still don’t know who’s feeding mice to the walkers.

Meanwhile, a one-eyed tyrant had set his sights on the prison once again.

And when he arrived, the showdown was epic.

Rick was all:

And the Governor was all:

And everyone else was like:

And then, poor Hershel took a katana to the neck.

Now, the prison is overrun.

Baby Judith is missing, and the survivors have scattered.

What new horrors are in store for our heroes?

Nobody knows. And so, we wait.