Justin Bieber's Miami Bust: Watch The Booking Video

Miami Beach police can be seen patting singer down and making him remove his shoes in the clip.

Justin Bieber is just like the rest of us. Sure he flies in a private, hotboxed jet to the Super Bowl while allegedly harassing the help and takes X-rated pics featuring him and a friend really enjoying a stripper's assets, but when he gets arrested, he takes his shoes off one at a time when ordered.

For further proof just look at the booking video released by the Miami Beach police department chronicling the singer's arrest last month on DUI, resisting arrest and expired license charges.

Though we know Bieber vehemently protested being pulled over, in the clip he is seen being pretty cooperative with police, as he removes his socks and red sneakers, takes off his black sweatshirt, hikes up his saggy shorts and spread his feet apart for a pat down.

After vigorously going through Justin's pockets, the officer asks Bieber to lift up his shirt and remove any remaining items from his pockets before letting him put his socks back on.

While Bieber is busy partying, shirtless of course with Rick Ross and Diddy in Atlanta and laying down fresh tracks with T-Pain, he's definitely got some issues from coast-to-coast-to-coast.

Egg's In Your Court

On Thursday, sheriff's investigators asked prosecutors to charge Bieber with felony vandalism in his alleged egging of a neighbor's Calabasas, California, home. A Los Angeles County District Attorney's office spokesperson told CNN that no decision will be made this week in the case and now it's up to officials to decide whether to charge Bieber with a misdemeanor or felony in the case. If they decide to pursue a felony case, Justin would have to appear in court.

Why There Were No Drag Racing Charges

He's also now got a court date for his DUI case: March 3. That's when the trail will begin in the Miami incident, in which Bieber has entered a plea of not guilty. Miami Beach police have faces scrutiny over the charges they hit Bieber with and in an interview with Local 7 News Miami Beach police chief Raymond Martinez recently defended his department's handling of the incident.

After reports that the GPS on Bieber's rented Lambo showed he was not driving at a high rate of speed, Martinez explained why cops pulled the singer over on that fateful night. "What the public has to understand is that the officer described his actions as drag racing, but he was not charged with drag racing," said Martinez. "This is a residential street ... where the speed limit is 30 miles an hour, and if you can imagine, at 4 a.m. ... a Lamborghini and a Ferrari going from zero to 40, opening up those engines. That's what drew the officers' attention to their actions."

He also revealed why officers said they smelled alcohol on Bieber when they pulled him over even though his Breathalyzer test showed a small amount of alcohol in his system. "If you just consume a beer, or if you happen to spill some of that beer on your clothing or in the car, you could smell that as you approach," he said.

Trouble At Home, And Rare Good News

Bieber turned himself in to Toronto police on January 29 in connection with an alleged assault on a limo driver that took place in December. That case is still pending, though the one ray of sunshine in an otherwise cloudy legal sky is that a former bodyguard has dropped a lawsuit against Justin for alleged unpaid overtime and assault.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a trial date was set for February 18 in the case of Moshe Benabou, who filed suit against Bieber for assault and battery over an incident that allegedly took place at a 2012 concert; he was also seeking unpaid overtime for work he did for the singer between March 2011 and October 2012. The suit was dismissed last week after an undisclosed settlement.