Ed Sheeran Lip-Synchs Mysterious New Song: Watch

Singer posts snippet of a new song and is reportedly getting a sleeve of ink in honor of his upcoming album.

We're ready, Ed. Go ahead and bring it. Ed Sheeran has been teasing out information about his upcoming second album for so long we're starting to wonder if he's messing with us.

But on Thursday morning (February 7), he finally served up some music from the as-yet-untitled effort, posting a short clip of a soulful ballad whose title we, of course, don't know either. And, sorry, but it's not "Death Metal"

or Limp Bizkit Lite. But it does sound awesome.

Lip synching along with producer Jake Gosling, Sheeran croons over acoustic guitar in the soulful ballad with the chorus, "So honey now."

Fans, frankly, are sick of waiting, with one writing in all caps, "Ed just put the dang album out already dear lord oh my god," and another asking, "Am I the only one that's watched this several millions of times??"

Sheeran has been working on the new disc with producers Rick Rubin and Pharrell, with a release expected sometime in the spring. According to reports, he's commemorating the completion of the recording by getting a full sleeve tattoo.

"He's getting another sleeve done with inspiration from his new album," said celeb tattoo artist Kevin Paul.

"The left arm is done and we are working on the right one. He had a teddy bear a couple of weeks ago, because he was called 'Teddy' at school. He's also had a rose done, and a lizard, which was to do with his new album. There's loads we're working on now."

Paul claimed to have heard the new album and said "it's really good," pointing to one song, "Tenerife," that he said was his favorite.

Sheeran isn't just working on his own music. He's also been jamming with bestie Taylor Swift and model Cara Delevingne. The unlikely trio took a trip to the U.S ambassador's house in London on Thursday and posted a video of themselves jamming on a cover of the Knife's "Heartbeats."

"Me, Ed, Cara. Singing songs in the U.S. ambassador's house. What is life," wrote Taylor.