Pharrell's Ebay Hat Collection: How To Know Which One's For You

Skateboard P loves hats, and he's spreading that love to you.

Some people are just not hat people. (Just ask Coolio.) Grammy-winning producer Pharrell is, to say the least, not one of them.

His 20-gallon hat stole the show at the 56th annual Grammy Awards, sparking a mob of memes, its own Twitter account and this.

But, as he said on Thursday (February 6), Pharrell is well aware that you've all been talking about that huge (and historical) headgear. "Yes, I love hats," he admitted on Twitter. And he wants you to love them, too.

His eBay collection is full of hats for every head and personality type. See which one fits you best.

If You Spend A Lot Of Time With Supermodels

Supermodel serial dater Leonardo DiCaprio has been seen rocking a fair share of them. Pharrell wore one next to Emily Ratajkowski in the "Blurred Lines" video. If you're the kind of man who's constantly flanked by pretty faces with legs to here, the straw hat is for you.

Luckily, you've got two great options. Still paying off that yacht? The vintage Patricia Underwood Straw Boater Hat is just $75. Treating yourself? Dobbs Milan straw fedora is a mere $249.

If You're A Mountain Man ... Or Canadian

Go with the "luxurious" FRR trapper hat, which features mink fur on the inside and lambskin leather on the outside. It's described as the "classic Canadian trapper hat."

But as Pharrell proves, you don't have to be in camping in the Canadian Rockies to wear the trapper hat. You can wear it on the red carpet, too -- and Snoop Dogg will love it.

If You're The Sensitive Type

For the more introspective, bespectacled gentlemen, go with the cashmere beanie. Not only do they keep you warm from the cold, cold world, they also look good on just about anyone.

If You're Not In The Mood For A Fashion Statement

Simple is always good, and not everyone has the head for a fedora. Luckily, Pharrell has given you four great options for trucker hats. There's one for the billionaires, the the camo stympathizers, the nerds and sweet-tooths.