It's Been 'One Week' Since Chris Pratt Got A Song Stuck In Your Head

If the theme song from 'The LEGO Movie' doesn't get stuck in your head, star Pratt knows a song that will.

With the help of a crack team of highly trained scientists — and "The LEGO Movie" star Chris Pratt — MTV News has cemented the formula for the ultimate earworm.

It sounds simple in theory, but a gentle touch is needed for perfect execution.

In a recent visit to the MTV News studio to talk about "The LEGO Movie," Pratt conceded that the movie's de facto theme song, "Everything Is Awesome," could totally get stuck in a person's head. Despite its peppy tune, the song, he said, had a darker meaning.

"In the story, when you watch 'The LEGO Movie,' it's this kind of Orwellian fascist dictatorship of Bricksburg in which they live," Pratt said. "Everyone has to follow the rules and pretend to be very happy and they listen on repeat on a loop to this song called 'Everything Is Awesome' over and over and over again."

Dun dun dunnnn

If that doesn't quite get stuck in your head, Pratt claimed to know two simple words that, when sung, will reverberate through your brain, likely ruining your day: "It's been."

Yes, that song. Thanks for nothing, Barenaked Ladies and Chris Pratt. But don't worry, you're not the only one who's peeved with the affable actor.

"Every once in a while I'll be in an elevator and I'll just go, 'it's been!'" Pratt said. "And then it'll be quiet and then someone'll just go, 'god. Real cool, dude, cool bro.' "

"The LEGO Movie" hits theaters today.