'Vampire Academy' Stars Lucy Fry And Zoey Deutch Spend Way Too Much Time Together

The actresses take on their toughest roles to date: each other.

"Vampire Academy" stars Lucy Fry and Zoey Deutch are very talented actresses, but it took a sit-down in the MTV News studio to get them to tackle their toughest roles yet: each other.

Fry and Hale seem to have spent a fair amount of time together, not only shooting the movie in tandem, but also making the press rounds in support of its February 7 release.

Deutch claimed that she could do a spot-on Fry impression, then proved it, pulling what she referred to as "Lucy Face." (You'll have to watch the video to see how, exactly, she pulls it off.)

Fry's mimicry of Deutch, however, was less than successful.

"I'll do Zoey Deutch now!" she claimed, then contorted her face in an imitation of Deutch's infamous "plastic surgery face" trick.

"Things are getting real dark over here," Deutch intoned.

"I'm trying to do the Zoey Deutch face!" Fry claimed.

It's safe to say that the judges did not approve of the performance.

"You heard it here first, folks," Deutch proclaimed. "It's not going well with the plastic surgery face."