Kanye, The Neptunes, The-Dream: Pusha T Working With The Best On 'King Push'

Pusha T confirms that he's teaming up with a roster of super producers to complete his King Push album.

That Clipse reunion album isn't arriving as soon as fans would like, but the production for Pusha T's next solo album, King Push, is already underway thanks to The Neptunes.

Pusha T hit the studio with his old partners in crime, Pharrell and Chad Hugo, at the beginning of January and during a visit to "RapFix Live" on Wednesday, he revealed that they hadn't lost a beat since their early sessions for Clipse projects.

"It was so good just to be back in the studio with them. I haven't been back in the studio with both of them in forever," Push explained. "We were [in Miami] for like three weeks and it's safe to say that we've got a hard direction cemented, going into the new King Push album."

"We're still in the early stages, but it was just so good to be back in that creative space and creative energy with those two guys, playing things that I like, showing them what I'm into these days, and them showing me what they into and revisiting our aspirations coming up."

Last year Pusha told MTV News that while he was recording My Name Is My Name under The-Dream's guidance, he pushed himself to re-write and tweak songs more than ever before. That mentality is sticking with him this time around.

"That comes along with the super producer," he said. "When I'm in the studio with The Neptunes or The-Dream or Kanye West or Swizz, those guys will give you a beat but they already have a direction for what they want the record to sound like, because it's still their record, that's how they treat it. So I'll give a verse, and they'll be like, 'nah man you need more bounce to it' and I'll go back in, because I'm actually a student."

"When you hear my mixtapes, that's just all me," he continued. "But when you hear these albums that's me really tryna appease the fans. Lyrically I'm not gonna compromise but I really try to give it top notch quality and those producers bring the best out of my album and heighten my work."

Pusha confirmed that both Kanye West and The-Dream will be involved in the album's production, when the time is right. "Ye knows that I'm definitely gonna be coming to see what he has to offer. I create my albums like that — before I go to Kanye, I seek out all my beats and find things that I love. For MNIMN, I found seven records that I loved and brought them to him, and he found me another five."

In terms of that Clipse album, though, just hang tight for a bit longer. "That's something we've been talking about but it's not coming to fruition just yet," he said. "But it's something we're trying to do. Malice is on his mission right now and I'm really proud of him."