PREMIERE: See What Slothrust Has Simmering In 'Crockpot' Video

Just add loneliness, real dolls and cats -- bring to a boil.

Ever look up from staring at photos of cats on the Internet while shoving in the Ramen and realize that you are truly and utterly alone?

Well, Brooklyn punk band Slothrust hears you — and they've channeled your lonely ennui into their new video for "Crockpot," off of their upcoming record, Of Course You Do.

"I guess something that I try to capture in the song a little bit — but I definitely don't feel like I fully convey — is the way that the grand state of society is sort of made to feel lonely and made to feel this forever-void," lead singer Leah Wellbaum told MTV News. "I don't feel like that feeling is really people's fault — it's like something that we're taught in society right now."

The video, directed by Adam Stone, aims to serve up that void in the form of a barrage of images culled from close to 300 films.

"The video sort of connects to that by relating to the way that we're force-fed imagery in culture — be it billboards or television or advertisements," Wellbaum said. "The way that those sort of subtly affect you and ultimately kind of end up numbing your brain in this way."

The video kicks off with the band sitting on the couch, zombied-out, as the images start flicking by. The parade of the banal and the bizarre creates a disturbing disconnect — one that the band mirrors by quipping about cats as well as warning, "Don't shake hands with the lonely kid because I hear that sh—'s contagious."

"Crockpot" — note the lack of a hyphen — is just the first taste of the band's February 18 release, the second that the band has released under the name Slothrust.

The band was initially Wellbaum's solo project (then known as Slothbox) and later grew to include drummer Will Gorin and bassist Kyle Bann. The sound changed with the addition of the new members, the singer said — before it was pretty Casio-heavy and she mostly sang about "kidnapping" and "vomit."

"A crockpot is a slow-cooker, right?" Wellbaum said with regard to the song title. "So it's sort of all these ideas are something that cook slowly in your head that you're not necessarily aware of."

If you're down with what Slothrust has served up thus far, check out Of Course You Do to see what else the trio has simmering.