Rick Ross Adds 'One Of The Greatest Producers Of All Time' To Mastermind

'The goal for Mastermind was to create a classic album,' Diddy says of Rozay's next LP.

Sean "Diddy" Combs has masterminded a number of groundbreaking albums. From Mary J. Blige's unforgettable debut, What's the 411?, to the Notorious B.I.G.'s double-disc masterpiece, Life After Death, Diddy has put his stamp on a number of classics and now he hopes to do the same with his pal Rick Ross.

On Thursday (February 6), it was announced that Diddy will serve as a co-executive producer alongside Ross on the upcoming March 4 album [article id="1721766"]Mastermind[/article].

"Diddy is one of the greatest producers of all time and someone I respect. He has a proven track record of not only creating hit records but also classic albums. It just made sense for me to have him be a part of this process," the Maybach Music boss said in a press release issued to MTV News.

In January, Ross confirmed via Twitter that he recruited Diddy to mix his album, but the new executive-producer role adds a new wrinkle to Mastermind.

Kanye West got famed producer Rick Rubin to executive produce his Yeezus album. "It's just really such a blessing, to be able to work with him," West told the [article id="1708869"]New York Times[/article] of Rubin, crediting the Def Jam co-founder with helping him strip down his sound.

It's highly unlikely that Ross and Diddy will take a minimalist approach to Mastermind, but like Rubin and Kanye, their goal is surely to create a lasting work.

"It's a team effort. Ross, Khaled, Gucci Pucci and I are like a family," Diddy said in the release. "The goal for Mastermind was to create a classic album. Once we put all our superpowers together, we knew there was nothing stopping us from accomplishing our goal."