Watch 'Vampire Academy' Star Lucy Fry Give Hilariously Vague Film Reviews

She might want to just stick to acting.

There comes a moment in every screen siren's blossoming career when she's able to step to the other side and remove herself from the performance. In short, when the actress becomes the critic.

In the case of Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry, stars of the upcoming "Vampire Academy," that very transformation happened on-camera at MTV News. Well, kind of. Somehow, we don't think any critics' associations will be calling them up anytime soon.

While discussing what they liked about watching their film, both Deutch and Fry said they enjoyed how funny the film was.

"The jokes that broke up all the expositional dialogue that for me as a viewer — not as the actor who put a lot of energy and time into this — it really grounded the film," Deutch said. "I thought that was a vital aspect."

However, there are certain things you can't quite say with a straight face, as Fry soon learned.

"It was funny in parts that i didn't expect to be funny as well," Fry said. "It really lifted off the screen."

Insert your own pause here, before allowing the co-stars to burst into laughter. Watch the clip above and check out Fry's self-deprecating attempts at film criticism.

"Vampire Academies," starring Fry and Deutch and directed by Marc Waters, hits theaters February 7.