Bill Murray Is The Sexiest Man Alive. Because We Said So

Watch the comic legend accept the honor.

We know that there are certain organizations and magazines, in particular one that starts with a "P" and ends with "eople," that think they know what's sexy, going so far as to bestow the superlative honor of "Sexiest Man Alive," as if they have any authority in the realm of evaluating sexiness.

Here at MTV News, we know sexy. And our standards do not include an analysis of abs on a scale of one to lactic acid overload, nor do we have an institutional bias toward white teeth or charming smiles. If the word "chiseled" describes either your physique or good looks, congratulations. We didn't really notice.

This evaluation of sexiness has been on our collective mind lately, given the upcoming release of "The Monuments Men," the cast of which boasts not one but two monuments/men who have received the Sexiest Man Alive honor. Well played, George Clooney and Matt Damon, but we think we've found someone sexier in your ensemble: Bill Murray.

MTV News hit the red carpet of the "Monuments Men" premiere to see what Murray's castmates thought was sexiest about their co-star, and to bestow the honor upon Murray himself.

"His sense of humor. And his eyes. He's dreamy," John Goodman said of Murray. We tend to agree.

Watch the video above to hear what Clooney, Damon,Goodman, Hugh Bonneville and Murray himself have to say about Murray being named MTV's Sexiest Man Alive.