Lady Gaga's Harper's Bazaar Interview Will Make You Believe In Unicorns

Mother Monster, like the perceived mythical creature that she is, just wants to be seen as herself.

For a long time, Lady Gaga was more of a superhero than a pop star.

Yes, her music was incredibly catchy and popular ("Just dance/ Gonna be OK/ Do do doo doo doo"), but when it came to unearthing the woman behind the chart-topping hits, she stayed a mystery.

Unlike most singer/songwriters, Gaga was different: She masked herself in big, black sunglasses; wore dresses made from meat; and in her "Bad Romance" video, she had horns protruding from her shoulders and cheeks. To society's standards, she was not normal.

It wasn't until recently that I started to see Lady Gaga as a person, one that feels and suffers. Like when she opened up on her eating disorder and dedicated her ARTPOP album to throwing off critics' hate. That's why Mother Monster's latest Harper's Bazaar interview makes so much sense.

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The Q&A, which made its way online Wednesday (February 5), asks Gaga about her beginnings, fashion, her mom and got more candid with fun, quick questions like " 'Romeo and Juliet' or 'Titanic'?" But some of those short answers took longer to digest. For example:

HB: What's the myth about you that you'd like to dispel?

LG: That I'm a myth.

I'm used to Gaga's strange interview answers — remember when she ate Dave Letterman's paper? — but this one hit me, and I realized that it's the truth that I was talking about above. She's just a person. Sure, a person who's tortured by her art and the critics who judge it. But she's still a person. And even though she wears costumes (and sometimes doesn't wear anything) that seem like they're covering the mere mortal within, that doesn't make her any less of herself. It's who she is. It's not a disguise.

HB: What's something true about you that people should know?

LG: That it's not an act.

Those quotes are striking, especially since they come right after she describes herself as a unicorn (when asked which animal she would be). But even though unicorns are mythical, do they not exist in their own world? Are they not authentic to themselves? Maybe unicorns, like the one Lady Gaga is, just want to break free from their disguise.

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