We Found The Gym Equipment The Avengers Will Use In 'Age Of Ultron'

No, really. It's in downtown New York City.

Forget about Hulk smash — it's time to talk about Hulk lift?

While specific details about "The Avengers: Age of Ultron" have been hard to come by, but it would appear that we now know what Tony Stark and his Avenger pals will be doing their leg presses on, at least.

Behold the Canali System, a weirdo spaceship-looking new kind of exercise equipment that we would definitely need expert guidance to use. As MTV News has learned, S.H.I.E.L.D. appears to be prepared to share that expertise with its recruits.

While Joe DiAngelo, owner of Superstar Gym in New York City's downtown Tribeca neighborhood, which manufactures the equipment, wouldn't specifically confirm the film's title, it seems pretty clear that it starts with "A" and ends with "Vengers: Age of Ultron."

He has, however, posted the totally hint-hint above picture on the company's Instagram, as well as a post on the company's website touting the get and billing the film as "The Superhero Movie."

"Our fitness equipment Canali system will be featured in new American superhero movie (with the highest-grossing opening weekend of all time)," the page reads. "The movie will be filmed in April. We are excited to see the most advanced equipment being used by American superheros. [sic]"

Of course, "Marvel's The Avengers" grossed just under $207.5 million its opening weekend, clinching the all-time number one slot, and "Age of Ultron" is set to shoot in the U.K. this spring.

"I'm really not allowed to like speak about that yet fully," DiAngelo said, calling the Canali System equipment "the most advanced fitness equipment in the world."

"It looks like it just came out of a spaceship, like an alien from another planet," he said. "Then what happens, all I can tell you is that one of the biggest superhero movies and the action heroes are going to be exercising on our fitness equipment in the movie."

DiAngelo said that he was approached to build custom equipment for the film's set after one of the movie's actors — "a bigshot, you know?" — worked out at the gym while in New York and told producers about the equipment.

Oh, and get this: said actor is reportedly thinking about opening a gym in L.A. All eyes on you, Downey.

"The Avengers: Age of Ultron" hits theaters on May 1, 2015.