When It Comes To Making Tomorrow's Hits, The Men Just Add Horns

The band talk their new record, plus its forward-thinking title.

The Men heralded their upcoming record, Tomorrow's Hits, with a simple blog post: The words "Things Will Be Different" hyperlinked to a video of Maxine Nightingale singing "Right Back Where We Started From."

The message is a bit contradictory to be sure, but definitely one that jibes with the band's tendency to create wildly different records while still remaining The Men.

"While our records do tend to be really different from each other, I think that that personality or that character, that spirit, is the constant and that's how you always know you're listening to The Men," bassist Ben Greenberg told MTV News when he and bandmate Kevin Faulkner came in to chat about their record, due out March 5.

The first few tracks to drop from that record — "Another Night," "Different Days," and "Pearly Gates" — are markedly different from anything the band has done in the past.

Sure, they've still got some of the hard-edged sound The Men flaunted on 2012's Open Your Heart (on "Different Days" and "Pearly Gates" especially) and a ton of the bombast found on the folky New Moon, but this record is replete with horns. And those horns add more than a dash of Bruce Springsteen mixed with '80s Bowie swagger that's entirely new for the band.

"A lot of the songs on the record are based on a strong groove and based on the five of us playing together as kind of a rhythmic unit, so the horns gave us some opportunity for counter-melody, additional syncopation," Greenberg said. "A way to kind of reinforce the groove, but also to add to it."

Sure, the record has a kind of throwback feel — they're going right back where they started from — but it's also something incredibly new. Fresh. And weird — in the best possible way.

Find out more about how the guys are making what's old new again — as well as how they titled their forward-thinking record — in the video below.