Action Bronson Clashes With Security After Lighting Up On Stage

The Queens rapper's Oregon show went up in smoke.

Queens rapper Action Bronson seems to have pulled a Miley move at a show in Portland, Oregon, on Monday night — lighting what looked to be a joint onstage. Unlike Miley, however — who lit up during the 2013 MTV EMA awards — Bronson did not come out of the incident wholly unscathed.

According to The Oregonian, Bam Bam lit up what appeared to be a joint at the end of his show at the Roseland Theater, leading a security guard to intervene.

Apparently, Bronson tossed one joint into the crowd and lit a second, which caused the guard to attempt to restrain the rapper. Bronson then decided to fight back, pushing the guard across the stage. Fans caught the incident on Instagram video.

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