Justin Bieber's Stripper Photo Has 'Workaholics' Guys Feeling 'Hella Jealous'

'Workaholics' guys are standing by Bieber ... and not just because he's a fan of the show.

In recent seasons, the guys on "Workaholics" have taken the art of gross-out TV to staggering new heights, downing boogers like bon-bons, splashing on amniotic fluid like it was Cool Water cologne and teaching us the finer points of trache-to-mouth resuscitation (to name just some of their acheivements).

So, really, at this point, there's nothing that shocks them ... not even the scandalous new photo of Justin Bieber obtained by TMZ, which appears to show the singer (and pal Khalil Sharieff) uh, helping themselves to a stripper's ample assets.

To them, it's just another pic — and no, they're not just saying that because the Biebs is a fan of the show.

"Oh this is fun, I have zero photos like this, and it's my dream to have a ton of photos like this," star Adam DeVine told MTV News while viewing the photo with his castmates. "There's no problem with this, he's 19 years old, and he's throwing eggs at houses? That's what you're supposed to do. You're supposed to lick stripper titties with your friends when you're 19."

"Who cares?" Anders Holm added. "Don't hate the player."

We'd never dream of it. As it turns out, the "Workaholics" guys actually share a mutual admiration for Bieber's recent achievements. Well, that's one way of putting it.

"I'm hella jealous of him," director Kyle Newachek said.

"Did that happen to you? I don't think so," DeVine asked. "Because we were hanging out a lot and we went to a couple strip clubs midday on Wednesday to have lunch; the salmon? Good salmon."

So, listen Bieber: While many may be deserting you in these tough times, the cast of "Workaholics" still has your back. And while they're not ones to preach, they do have one bit of advice for you, should you care to listen:

"Don't get the clap," Newachek laughed.

Solid advice indeed.