Super Bowl Movie Trailers Ranked From Heroes To Zeroes

It's Captain America versus robot-riding robots in this TV spot showdown.

The Super Bowl might have been underwhelming in terms of on-field action and lacking in the commercial department, but the movie trailers were pretty good, right?

We've already broken down some of our favorite movie teases into their most GIF-able moments, and now it's time to pit them head to head in a ranked list from worst to best. Which potential blockbuster wowed the audiences the most and which ones look like eventual, desperate OnDemand rentals because there's nothing better to do? Find out below.

7) "Draft Day"

It wasn't a great Super Bowl for Kevin Costner. Sure, he had two movie trailers air during the game, but each gave a lackluster pitch. "I bet you like football, huh? How about a movie about football?" isn't really convincing. Dramatized NFL politics have a hard time standing up to robots riding robot dinosaurs.

6) "3 Days to Kill"

Of the two Costner spots, we give credit to "3 Days to Kill" for at least having a little life in it, but this still looks like a bad "Taken" knock-off.

5) "Noah"

As excited as I am for Darren Aronofsky's epic to finally set sail, the Big Game spot didn't feature any new footage. You kind of have to believe that the "Black Swan" director is just saving some stuff for the actual movie.

4) "Need for Speed"

I award bonus points for interesting editing on this one, especially when "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" falls back on the "Inception" music cues for its trailer.

3) "The Amazing Spider-Man 2"

What is it about this movie that makes more and more worried every time I see a new trailer for it? The focus here seems to be mainly on the villains and their shaky motivations, and I just really hope that Electro's beef with Spider-Man has more to it than the wall-crawler forgetting his name.

2) "Transformers: Age of Extinction"

Sometimes all you need to spice up an otherwise standard "Transformers" trailer is Optimus Prime riding a robot Tyrannosaurus rex. It's not subtle, but it's effective.

1) "Captain America: The Winter Soldier"

Marvel just gets it. The studio not only knows how to make a compelling superhero movie, but they can sell one like no other. The second preview keeps the focus on Cap, while introducing the mysterious titular figure. This is the opposite of "The Amazing Spider-Man 2." The more I see, the more I need to see it.