Prince On 'New Girl': Everything That Made The Doves Cry (With Happiness)

The Purple One's guest turn on the post-Super Bowl "New Girl" was everything.

Don't you wanna fall in love with Prince tonight? Sorry, you don't have a choice. You already did.

The artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known As guest starred on Fox sitcom "New Girl" in a special post-Super Bowl time slot Sunday night. Appearing on the episode as himself, not only did The Purple One help Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and Nick (Jake Johnson) sort out their relationship, he also debuted a new song, "PretzelBodyLogic."

Prince is a self-proclaimed "huge fan" of the show, and producers said he had "crazy comic instincts."

"He's a big fan of the show and he's really interested in the Nick/Jess relationship and he wanted to be a part of that story," Johnson told MTV News ahead of the episode's airing.

And a part of it he was, as we saw Sunday night.

In honor of Prince's guest turn on "New Girl," here's every time the legendary musician made doves cry (with happiness) in the post-Super Bowl episode.

» When he introduced himself by saying, "Hi, I'm Prince."

» When he graciously allowed Jess and Nick to "freak out."

» When he revealed that he was "not familiar" with finger guns.

» When he chose to give Jess relationship counseling over pancakes, then demanded that she finish them, no matter how full she was.

» When he dressed Jess up in a gown with an attached cape and accessorized it with a sparkly circlet

» When he totally schooled Jess in ping pong.

» When he had a cosmic connection with a butterfly.

» When he got Nick dancing on-stage while he debuted a brand new song.

» When he borderline kidnapped CeCe.

Did you see Sunday night's special episode of "New Girl"? What did you think of Prince's performance?