100 Yards, 140 Characters: The Celebrity Tweets That Won The Super Bowl

There was more action on the internet than on the football field Sunday night.

If you were too busy actually watching Super Bowl XLVIII Sunday evening to keep up with Twitter, shame on you. What were you doing? As it turns out, the game, which is widely considered a blowout, was way less interesting than the online action.

Luckily for you, MTV News has you covered with the very best — and funniest — celebrity tweets of Sunday night. After checking out our list, you can glide confidently through your Monday morning, pretending like you were just as glued to your timeline as we were.

"Pitch Perfect" star Anna Kendrick, perhaps still stewing about how the Barden Bellas' version of "Locked Out of Heaven" would have been a superior halftime show, shot this zinger:

Fellow songstress Kelly Clarkson promptly picked up what Kendrick was putting down:

Ellen DeGeneres chose to focus on the positive:

President Barack Obama apparently isn't allowed to pick favorites, so he threw a football instead:

Ryan Seacrest has some thoughts about the Seahawks head coach:

Tyra Banks seemed unclear on whether she was watching a modeling competition or a football game:

Arianna Huffington, either sneaky hilarious or charmingly oblivious, left this gem on the internet for us to find:

Mindy Kaling just couldn't suppress her maternal instincts:

2 Chainz was fully over it:

Even Seattle native Macklemore was starting to feel a little bummed:

"Scandal" star Josh Malina took a cue from pop culture:

However, the tweets that won the night weren't actually strictly about the SUper Bowl at all. Before he appeared to give up on the game completely, Aziz Ansari tweeted for hours about an alternate Super Bowl starring the fictional players of the TV show "Friday Night Lights":