The 6 Bruno Mars-iest Moments From Bruno Mars' Super Bowl Halftime Show

Bruno brought it during the Big Game ... and we've got the GIFs to prove it!

Somewhere in-between all those Tim Tebow commercials and the Seahawks breaking the spirit of the entire Denver Metropolitan Area, Bruno Mars put on a halftime show for the ages during Super Bowl XLVIII ... specifically females, aged 12-24 (the Red Hot Chili Peppers were on hand to appeal to males 18-34).

What made Mars' performance so great wasn't just the songs, the staging or that split — though we loved all of them, too — it was the fact that it showcased his rather epic ego, too. From the opening drum solo to his closing salute, this one was Maximum Mars.

What can we say? Unlike the Broncos, Bruno never takes a play off. Want proof? Check out our favorite Bruno Mars moments from his halftime spectacular.

Bruno plays the drums! Take that, Beyonce.

Bruno belts! If you're gonna hit the high notes, you better work.

Bruno wants you! Yes, you, girl. C'mere, and bring those nachos.

Bruno gets down! This one was giving us James Brown flashbacks. All that was missing was Danny Ray draping a cape over his shoulders.

Bruno risks having children! Think Bruno was worried about babies? Based on this split, the answer is no. Hey, you gotta go for broke at the Big Game.

Bruno does jazz hands! YAAAAS, Bruno. YAAAAS.