Queen Latifah Kicks-Off Super Bowl XLVIII With 'America The Beautiful'

Queen Latifah returns to her native New Jersey to sing 'America the Beautiful' at Super Bowl XLVIII.

It 's been a busy week for Queen Latifah. Last Sunday, the rapper, singer and movie star married 34 couples at the 2014 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles and on Sunday (February 2) the New Jersey-native returned home to sing "America the Beautiful" at Met-Life stadium for Super Bowl XLVIII where the Seattle Seahawks face-off against the Denver Broncos.

Latifah, dressed in a blue snorkel coat and a white turtle neck, was well-prepared for her #covermoment as she belted out the patriotic tune alongside the New Jersey Youth Chorus.

The Queen sung the song at the Super Bowl four years ago in 2010 when the New Orleans Saints took on the Indianapolis Colts at Super Bowl XLIV. Back then, the "U.N.I.T.Y." rapper and COVERGIRL makeup model gave the patriotic tune a gospel twist, but this year she switched things up to make it a bit more jazzy.

During the tune's highlight, Latifah playful stretched out the "from sea to shining sea" refrain, trading repeated harmonies with the youth choir. Approving football fans in stadium stood up in front of their seats and gave resounding applause in salute of the United States and in support of the Queen with the golden voice.

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