Hollywood Remembers Philip Seymour Hoffman: Celebrities React To Actor's Death

The entertainment world shared their sadness about the death of the actor, who died Feb. 2 at the age of 46.

Oscar winner Philip Seymour Hoffman, widely known for his roles in "Capote," "Magnolia," "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" and many more movies, was found dead in his New York City apartment after an apparent overdose February 2.

Hoffman, 46, was widely respected throughout the entertainment community. Colleagues and friends poured out their sympathies online Sunday following news of the actor's death.

Spike Lee, who directed Hoffman in the 2002 film "25th Hour," shared his thoughts alongside an instagrammed still from the movie.

"25th Hour" co-star Isiah Whitlock Jr. said Hoffman "will always have a special place in my heart."

Chris O'Dowd, who co-starred with Hoffman in 2009's "Pirate Radio," called Hoffman his "favorite actor."

"Breaking Bad" actor Aaron Paul called Hoffman "one of the greats."

Actor Miles Teller remembered meeting Hoffman very recently at the Sundance Film Festival.

Aimee Mann, who provided the soundtrack for "Magnolia," one of Hoffman's best-known films, expressed her grief simply.

Director/actor Jon Favreau shared his sadness on Twitter.

Ricky Gervais remembered Hoffman as "sweet, funny and humble."

Mia Farrow shared her sadness on Twitter.

Documentarian Michael Moore summed up his shock in a single word.

Josh Gad, in his remembrance, called Hoffman "my idol."

Justin Timberlake called the loss of Hoffman "devastating" in a tweet.

Lena Dunham tweeted a remembrance, calling Hoffman a "beautiful man."

Albert Brooks called Hoffman "one of the greats."

Mia Farrow remembered Hoffman as "a truly kind, wonderful man."

Comedian Jenny Slate tweeted a remembrance.