'Veronica Mars' Stars Celebrate MTV Movie Brawl Win With A 'Rocky' Parody

'They gave us a tough battle,' Jason Dohring says of beating out 'Vampire Academy' for the honor.

Marshmallows rejoice!

In the wake of the "Veronica Mars" triumph over "Vampire Academy" for the honor of MTV Movie Brawl 2014 Champion, Jason Dohring and Ryan Hansen released this video showing, well, exactly how they killed the vamps.

In a "Rocky"-inspired montage that would make Sly Stallone proud, the two "Mars" castmembers show off their exercise routine of finger pushups and jump-rope, both of which clearly helped them win the competition.

Oh, and it turns out marshmallows are the new garlic, which is a shame for any vampires who just want to sit back and enjoy a good s'more.

Post-montage, the two had some kind words for their fans and their competition.

"We just wanted to say thank you very much for all the voting," said Hansen. "I know Ryan appreciates it, and I appreciate."

They even gave a plug for "Vampire Academy," which opens February 7, and which "Mars" beat in the finals.

"They gave us a tough battle," said Dohring. "My finger, I had a cramp for a while, but good thing I was working it out."

"Veronica Mars" comes out March 14.