Get Ahead Of The Game With These Super Early Super Bowl Spots

Save yourself a few minutes before Sunday by watching these Super Bowl commercials now.

Ah, Super Bowl Sunday. If you're anything like us, this Sunday's big game may well be an excuse to eat many Buffalo-flavored, blue cheese-laden snacks and scope all your favorite stars in 30 second increments on the commercial. There's just one problem though: you've got to use the restroom sometime. (Priorities, right?)

To make timing out your potty breaks — and fitting in conversation with your pals — easier, here's a quick and easy guide to what's out there for a pop culture addict watching Super Bowl XVIII. Here's what there is to see so far, and what to expect to see Sunday.

Scarlett Johansson Gets Bubbly for SodaStream

Schwarzenegger, OneRepublic and Minka Kelly Are Up For Anything For Bud Light

British Villains 'Rendezvous' For Jaguar

David Beckham Strips Down For H&M

Ellen DeGeneres Rocks Out For Beats

Stephen Colbert Is Nuts For Pistachios

Laurence Fishburne Finds the Truth in a Kia Ad

The Muppets Drive a Toyota

'Captain America: Winter Soldier' Super Bowl Spot Soldiers On

'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Super Bowl Spot Is Amazing

Anna Kendrick Isn't Newcastle's Hot Beer Girl

'Noah' Trailer Makes It Rain

A Thematically Appropriate 'Draft Day' Trailer

And Keep An Eye Out For...

» A rumored "Seinfeld" reunion

» A trailer for "Transformers 4"

» A trailer for "Need for Speed"

» A rumored surprise trailer from Fox

» And so much more.