9 Times One Direction Break The Law In 'Midnight Memories' Video

From stealing a police boat to jumping restaurant counters, we whip out the virtual 'cuffs for 1D.

One Direction certainly know how to create some "Midnight Memories."

In the new Ben Winston-directed video, Liam, Harry, Zayn, Louis and Niall take over London after ditching a boring house party. Their late-night antics include taking over a local restaurant, hitting on some grandmas and breaking a whole lot of laws.

MTV News did a close investigation of the video and discovered at least nine instances of the guys being all around rebellious. But don't worry Directioners, the band won't get into any real trouble for these offenses.

1. Counter-Surfing

After ditching a boring house party, 1D head over to the local Kali Kebab restaurant. But clearly, they're not pleased with the service. So Harry, being the skilled baker that he is, jumps the counter, throws on apron and starts cooking. Too bad that could land him behind bars.

2. Shawarma Chow-Down

Harry apparently wasn't working fast enough for Niall, who took a big bite out of the shawarma instead of waiting for his food order. And while it may have been delicious, it's still technically stealing ... and just a bit unsanitary.

3. Misuse Of A Fire Extinguisher

Liam was a bit hot and bothered after eating too much chili sauce. Zayn, the good friend that he is, cools him down with a fire extinguisher. Unfortunately for Zayn, you just can't do that.

4. Late Night Drop-By

Although in the video, it looks like Liam may have accidentally fallen into someone's backyard, it still doesn't change the fact he was on private property. Still, we can't imagine the owners of the house being too upset upon finding a member of 1D in their garden.

5. Stealing A Police Boat

This is wrong on so many levels: The boys come up with a master plan to distract a police officer by having Niall flash that charming smile (I mean, who wouldn't get distracted by that?). Then they steal a police boat to take a sightseeing joyride on the River Thames.

6. Steer Clear

When the boys first pull away from the dock, Louis is behind the wheel, but as they pass by the Tower of London and the London Eye, all five guys are on deck singing the song. So the question is: Who's driving the boat?!

7. High Above London

The guys eventually ditch the boat and climb the Tower Bridge. Though they look like the kings of London town while doing it, that's obviously trespassing.

8. Creeping On GILFs

We know that hitting on grandmas isn't illegal, but in some cases it should be. However, let's be real, if Harry Styles looked at you with those big green eyes and said, "Call me," no matter what the age, you probably would.

9. Breaking Puppy Laws

At one point, Zayn cuddles a giant dog, and this should be an adorable moment. Unfortunately, his utter disregard for the puppy's cuteness was downright offensive.