'I Don't Like Basketball:' How Indie Bands Celebrate The Super Bowl

Yuck, Jukebox The Ghost, together PANGEA and more tell MTV News their game day plans.

While this Sunday will likely see myriad people plunking themselves down with sausages and chips and beers and other things that are consumed during sports games, there's a cadre of folks out there that plan on being permanently benched. Namely, a bunch of indie bands — as well as people that call the Super Bowl "sports games."

MTV News hit up the aforementioned "bunch of indie bands" to find out what they're doing in lieu of the Super Bowl come Sunday. Some, like Honus Honus from Man Man and Kieran Ledwidge of Miracles Of Modern Science, plan on going soft and taking in the Puppy Bowl, others — like those quoted below — are pretty hardcore about hating on/avoiding the Big Game.

Check out their alternate plans below:

Danny Bengston, together PANGEA

"I can safely say will NOT be drinking Starbucks, listening to 'grunge bands' such as Nirvana, Soundgarden, Macklemore or Alice In Chains etc... We will also be sending any parcels exclusively via FED-EX instead of UPS. Oh! And lastly to top the night off we are planning on having a bonfire (since we will be on a winter tour) where we will be burning every VHS copy of 'Sleepless in Seattle' we can get our hands on!

Max Bloom, Yuck

"I won't be watching the Super Bowl because I don't really like basketball. Go Seahawks!"

Timmy Vulgar, Human Eye, Timmy's Organism, Clone Defects

"I'm going to a super 'BOWL' 'POT'luck party at my Buddy's bar in Detroit. Legalize all 50 states!!!"


"I will be in San Francisco with some friends of mine on a day off from tour working a magazine feature of which I am a part."

Beverly, Drew Citron & Frankie Rose

"We're soundchecking for a Frankie Rose show at the echo. And then playing our own high-stakes game, 'Settlers of Catan.'"

a place both wonderful and strange

"I'm going to be making vegan chickpea cheese and watching old episodes of 'Top Chef: Just Desserts' instead of the Super Bowl. It's a much better way to spend time. The other thing i'll be doing is listening to the amazing faux Red Hot Chili Peppers song."

Nathan Lithgow, NOMADS

"I will be pouring wine at the Lafayette on Super Bowl Sunday this year. It's the life is a sommelier. I love the NFL, but it has evaporated from my life this year as I have worked Sunday and Monday for the entirety of the season this year. Sad face."

Jordan Topf, Mainland

"Our pre-game show will be seeing Gems at Rough Trade NYC. Instead of watching the Super Bowl, we'll be drinking 'til the break of dawn at our Lower East Side haunts. Half-Time show we'll be singing karaoke at Sing Sing and trying to remember the lyrics to a Janet Jackson song while simultaneously trying not to expose our naked selves to the millions of viewers. Post-Game recap will be listening to our new single 'Shiner.'"

Mark Fletcher, Heeney

"I most likely will not be watching the Super Bowl, unless I have absolutely nothing to do that day, in which case I'll only watch if a friend has a Super Bowl party that includes food and booze. Can't say I'm the biggest football fan, (lets go Giants), but I am a fan of friends getting together to eat sh—y food and drink sh—y beer. This is why I'm down for any kind of 'TV Party' really; they're far more fun than watching TV alone."

Domenic Palermo, Nothing

"I don't really care about the Super Bowl... We are playing a show in Philadelphia with Whirr and then recording some new songs with Will Yip. I hope when we come out of the studio we come to find an apocalyptic disaster has just laid waste to planet Earth. I'd probably become a cannibal road warrior soon after."

Tommy Siegel, Jukebox The Ghost

"To be honest, I had no idea that this Sunday was the Super Bowl. Yikes. I knew it was coming up though... Also: I have no idea what teams are playing but I know some guy named Richard Sherman is in it because there were a lot of think pieces being shared on Facebook. I'm guessing I'd probably like Sherman, though, based solely on disliking the people who posted anti-Sherman posts after he did whatever it is he did that riled up everyone. I don't understand football and I've never played it. Jukebox the Ghost is in L.A. for the month, so I have a feeling our Super Bowl Sunday will be spent doing synthesizer arrangements on our new (fourth) album and tuning in to watch the halftime show (but only if it's Beyonce again)."

Dana Falconberry

"Well, I wouldn't say I HATE the sportsball — I'd just say that I don't really understand the appeal. Why is everyone running around instead of sitting down? Why isn't anybody making out? Where are the margaritas? Why are they carrying around a weird-shaped ball and there aren't any chips anywhere? This does not seem like a good time at all. Where are the ladies? Sometimes it's cold out when they do this and they still do it? I can think of many better things than this. Puppies. Wine. Sleeping. Jenga. Why are people yelling and looking stressed out? This seems kinda dumb, you guys. Couldn't there be some little decorative candles around? Or like some grapes or something?"