Jennifer Lawrence Loves Doritos — What Super Bowl Snacks Do Other Celebs Crave?

Can you match the celebrity to their fave fatty food?

Jennifer Lawrence can’t stop eating Doritos. The blockbuster actress is so addicted to the cheesy chips that the costume designers on the set of “American Hustle” had to make her three versions of her dress, because she kept getting covered in Doritos dust. Point being, if you’re throwing a Super Bowl party you better stock some nacho chips in case J-Law shows up by surprise.

But what if other celebrities happen to pop by your domicile to watch the Denver Broncos take on the Seattle Seahawks? Pop quiz, hotshot: what do you do? What do you do? Do you know which snacks our fave famous people, from Katy Perry to Taylor Swift love to munch on? See if you can match the celeb to their favorite fatty food. And hey, we already got you started with the J-Law one:

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