Miley Cyrus Unplugged: 6 More Artists Who Should Cut The Cord

It'll be hard to top Miley's hoedown with Madge, but we're thinking these six artists have a shot.

You've seen "Miley Cyrus: MTV Unplugged" (if not, where WERE you?!). That voice. That special guest. That awesome western set. Does it have you wanting more? Us too.

That's why we think more of our favorite artists should be getting the "Unplugged" treatment. From Drake to Grimes, seeing the musicians go acoustic give us the intimate twist we've been craving.

Here are six more stars we'd love to see on "MTV Unplugged."


An EDM artist doesn't really seem like the first pick for an acoustic show, but think about it: wouldn't the drastic opposite be more fun? It only helps that the Russian-German DJ is a classically trained pianist. And look, Zedd's already right on track for an "Unplugged" with his acoustic video for "Stay the Night" featuring Hayley Williams.

Taylor Swift

Although Taylor Swift's music has gone in a decidedly more "plugged" path with her last album, Red, think about her beginnings. An MTV special might pay homage to her past. Recommended set list includes "Teardrops on my Guitar," "Mean" and "Everything Has Changed." Ed Sheeran could pull a Madonna by dropping in to perform!


Lorde loves remixing her songs. Evidence? Watch her black-death, gothic-inspired "Royals" performance from the Grammys. The basis for her pop music is in the electronic beats, but she could easily reproduce them on boxes, bongos and finger-snaps. With an acoustic show, we'd get the voice t we love and see the more creative side of her music.

Ariana Grande

She's been called the next Mariah Carey, and while we've seen the 20-year-old Yours Truly singer show off her resilient voice at the Video Music Awards pre-show and received a standing ovation from Lady Gaga at the American Music Awards. But nothing tests an artist's skill like an "Unplugged" performance. (And we're thinking she'd do just fine.) Perhaps a cameo from her "The Way" beau, Mac Miller?


Warning, Smilers: An "MTV Unplugged" with Claire Boucher, a.k.a. indie but not so indie darling Grimes, would be nothing like Miley and Madonna's twerk-fest. But an intimate show with the queen of synthisizers and cute little dances could give the deep-rooted MTV special a fresh, alternative look. And considering she just signed to Jay Z's Roc Nation, perhaps we could see one of her lovely labelmates drop by for a genre-defying mashup. Rihanna, perhaps? Shakira? The possibilities are endless.


Whether he's throwing a bat mitzvah at the age of 25, making fun of said bat mitzvah on "SNL" or just doing a little dance, every single thing Aubrey Graham does makes the ladies swoon.

So can you imagine what an intimate "Unplugged" performance with Drizzy would do? Perhaps instead of a hoedown like Miley, a re-re-bat mitvah?