Watch Shailene Woodley And Kristen Stewart Play 'Would You Rather' With A Yeti

Sundance stars are put to the ultimate test in 'After Hours.'

How good is the swag they give you at Sundance? Not good enough for Shailene Woodley and some of the other stars who attended.

Josh Horowitz played a mischievous game of "Would you rather" with Woodley, Miles Teller, Anna Kendrick, Michael Shannon and a bevy of other stars in a new "After Hours," asking them what they'd sooner wear: Sundance swag or nothing at all?

"Naked!" said Woodley, almost in disbelief anyone could give another answer. "Hell yeah, in a heartbeat."

Some, like Kristen Stewart, didn't feel as strongly.

"I'm freezing, I'm going to take the swag," the former "Twilight" star said.

That wasn't the strangest question Josh asked, as the stars had to decide whether they'd rather replace their arms or legs with skis, and lick a frosty pole or eat yellow snow.

That all paled to the question to top them all: would you rather fight a yeti or have sex with a yeti?

Shailene Woodley, to her credit, pulls no punches.

"I would fight," said the plucky star. "It's like your one chance in life to be like, alright, am I a warrior or am I a warrior? Let's do this, yeti."

Plenty didn't share her confidence, and figured they would try to sweet-talk the yeti.

"They're supposed to be very tender lovers," explained a wise Rainn Wilson.

Thanks Rainn! Now we know exactly what to do the next time we encounter a yeti at a film festival. Don't laugh: it happens more than you think.

Watch the full video to find out each star's answers to all of Josh's hard-hitting questions.