Zac Efron Tells Us Why 'That Awkward Moment' Is A Bro-mantic Comedy

Grab your best bros and bottle of pink wine; we're going to the movies.

It's just about time to grab your best guy friends, a few pints of Ben & Jerry's and a bottle or two of your finest pink wine: There's a brand new movie coming to theaters Friday that's just for you.

"That Awkward Moment," starring Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan, is what could be called a "bro-mantic comedy." In an interview with MTV News, the stars said that it was intended that way.

Efron, who produced and starred in the movie, said that he recognized aspects of his life in the script.

"When I read the script I saw there was sort of an authenticity that I hadn't really recognized before in a script," he said. "It is sort of a romantic comedy, but, I don't know, there was no schmaltz or lovey stuff about it. it was about guys, it's about us, our perspective."

Jordan agreed.

"Shows like 'Sex and the City' and 'Girls' and stuff are always told from the female's perspective," he said. "I think it's kind of cool to get inside the locker room, how we talk to each other, our thought processes...I think it's kind of cool."

"That Awkward Moment" hits theaters Jan. 31.