If You Could Meet Miley... Oh Wait, You Can!

Enter MTV's Ultimate Fan Experience for your chance to go to Miami.

So you think you're Miley Cyrus' biggest fan?

Why not make if official with MTV's Ultimate Fan Experience. Smilers can enter to win a trip for two down to Miami to sit front row at Miley's Bangerz Tour. Not only that, but you and your bestie will get styled before the show by Miley's glam squad. To top it all off, you'll get to meet Ms. Cyrus herself.

To enter, go to MileyCyrus.mtv.com and just log in through Facebook. Enter between now and February 12. It's actually that simple.

Now that we've got the logistics out of the way, what would you actually SAY to Miley if you met her? Here are a few things we have in mind, especially after last night's "MTV Unplugged." Can you ask her for us?

1. Can we borrow your jeans?

2. What's it like grinding on a horse? Asking for a friend...

3. How did you get Madonna to grind on you?

4. That said, what other stars are on your grind list?

5. Does your tongue ever get cramped up?

6. Who is your soulmate?

7. What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

8. Teach me to twerk?

Official rulez here, y'all,