PREMIERE: Shark?'s 'Fingers' Video Probably Got The Bassist Fired

Better stick with his night job.

Shark?'s new video for "Fingers" probably cost bassist Andy Kinsey his job — but I'm willing to go out on a limb and say it was worth it to create a cinematic experience merging Henry Rollins, myriad animals and a million memories into one snippet of sight and sound.

"I had a really nice set-up at my last job so I made the video when I should've been working," Kinsey told MTV News. "I did all the Henry Rollins/animal mash-ups because I've been having fun photoshopping Henry Rollins holding different animals (I still take requests). They never did tell me exactly why they laid me off."

In addition to the former Black Flag frontman, the video also features clips from the Brooklyn garage band's SXSW and album release tours — around 2013's Savior.

"Going on tour is like the 3 Stooges at the helm of a cruise ship; you just gotta let things happen and enjoy it," Kinsey said. "I got Earthquake Party, EULA, Diarrhea Planet, Grooms, Mission of Burma, Sleepies, Squarehead, SW/MM/NG, the Glass City Rollers (the official roller derby team of Toledo, OH), and of course Nick Brooks all in there along with a million other memories."

The seizure-inducing barrage of images matches perfectly the frantic quality of the song, "Fingers," which finds lead singer Kevin Diamond wailing, "I don't want to go nowhere else I want to leave/ You've got your fingers in my brain there's no relief."

If you're wondering when you can hear some new tunes from Shark?, you're in luck — Kinsey says they're currently working on a "long EP or a short album."

However, if you're curious about where they got their strangely punctuated name, keep wondering: "It always brings up bad memories of watching our first singer get eaten alive when he went overboard off Nantucket," Kinsey said.

I think he's joking.