Prince To Debut New Song On 'New Girl': Get The Details On His Super Bowl Cameo

Jake Johnson talks to MTV News about Sunday's episode: 'Everybody was kind of going nuts.'

Prince is ready for his close-up. The singer will stop by "New Girl" for what is sure to be one epic episode, airing after the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Ahead of the airing, I got the chance to speak to Jake Johnson (who plays Nick) about working with the musician and "New Girl" super fan.

Prince Will Make You LOL

"He's also just a genuinely talented human being. He's obviously Prince the musician, but he's a really good actor," Johnson dished. "And I think people will see in the episode that he's legitimately good and he's legitimately funny. I really, really hope he comes back and does more 'New Girl,' even when he was there. I was trying to convince him to just be a character who hangs out in the lofts a lot and pops up, because apart from being Prince, he's really funny and he's really fun to act with."

Yes, Two Princes

Aside from the real Prince, Nick will also don a Prince costume in a flashback scene. "I think he looks pretty damn good. No, I'm saying this objectively. I'm saying this from the outside. I think it's the best Nick has ever looked," Johnson said.

"I mean, I think Nick, he's not as sexy as Prince obviously in the outfit, but I can maybe see him rolling with his posse. Let me just say this: tight pants, perms and braces, and that doesn't get the ladies going crazy, I don't know what will."

New Music!

Rejoice! Prince will perform.

"He does a new song. He performs an original song, that I believe hasn't been released yet," Johnson shared. "So we all got to watch a little concert. The episode ends with a performance. The song's awesome and watching him perform was kind of next level. So, it's a really cool conclusion to it all. ... It sounds like a Prince song. It sounded good. He had everybody in that room dancing. Everybody was kind of going nuts."

Prince Loves 'New Girl'... A Lot

"He's a big fan of the show and he's really interested in the Nick/Jess relationship and he wanted to be a part of that story," he previewed.

"He was really into it," Johnson continued. "He cared about it. He talked about the relationship and where it was at. The writers did a really funny job of incorporating him in because Nick and Jess have a thing that occurs. And he kind of becomes a guru for Jess in terms of their relationship, and it was genuinely funny stuff."