Did One Direction Adopt A Dog? This Cute 'Midnight Memories' Teaser Makes Us Think So

Zayn looks even more cuddly with a puppy.

It's almost time for One Direction to make some "Midnight Memories." The boy band is slated to release their new music video for the track on Friday. And with only one day to go until its debut, the fivesome is giving fans some juicy final teases.

From the looks of it, the video will follow the five guys as they hit the town late at night. In one preview clip, which gives Directioners a look at a whopping 18 seconds of the visual, all five guys zoom down a city street on scooters making funny faces. While it's all going down, Louis Tomlinson sings lyrics about crowding into Addison Lees, a British minicab.

In two new GIFs released on the band's official Tumblr, fans are treated to a scene where the guys are on a boat. Another GIF features — wait for it — Zayn Malik with an adorable dog. Cue the swooning.

Previous teases from the video have previewed several other set-ups, including what looks to be an epic food fight at a kebab restaurant and a scene where Louis gets flirty with an older woman. Lucky her!

The video was directed by Ben Winston, who previously worked with the guys on the videos for "Best Song Ever" (which won a VMA) and "Story of My Life," also off their 2013 album Midnight Memories. 1D shot the clip in London back in December when they were spotted on the Tower Bridge in London.