Exclusive 'Thor: The Dark World' Gag Reel: The God Of Blunder

Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston stumble and flub lines in a preview of the upcoming Blu-ray.

There aren't any other blockbuster franchises that are as fun as the Marvel Studios movies, right? The films featuring Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and the rest of the Avengers are simply geared toward putting a goofy smile on the audiences' faces, and they always look like a ton of fun to make.

Short of being super famous actors and joining the cast of a future Marvel movie, the best evidence us normal folks have of the on-set shenanigans is the Blu-ray gag reels, and today MTV News has an exclusive look at bloopers from the upcoming release of "Thor: The Dark World," which you can download on February 4 before it hits shelves on February 25.

For your first look at the gag reel, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and everyone's favorite god of mischief, Tom Hiddleston, have a little trouble explaining what it is you're about to see, but they manage to pull it together and introduce the clip.

From there, it's all of the stumbles, hammer drops and clumsy extras that you expect from a Marvel blooper reel.

Chris Hemsworth deserves a special shout-out, however, for his handling of another hammer malfunction. What should you do when the top of your mythical weapon falls off? Pretend you're an old-timey police officer and swing the handle around like a baton which then turns into nunchucks, of course. This is why Hemsworth is the man.

Check out the clip from the "Thor: The Dark World" gag reel above, and see the whole thing when the Blu-ray and DVD hit stores on February 25.