Is Rogue Still In 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' After All?

Anna Paquin's powers-absorbing mutant might still have a role in the 'X-Men' sequel, Bryan Singer says.

Anna Paquin's Rogue is not in "X-Men: Days of Future Past" — or so we thought.

After filming her role as the powers-absorbing mutant for Bryan Singer's first "X-Men" film in over ten years, Paquin's Rogue was ultimately cut from the final edit of "Days of Future Past," announced last month. That's why it was so surprising to see Rogue still standing on one of Empire Magazine's new covers for "Days of Future Past." If Rogue was out of the mix, why was she still featured as part of the film's marketing campaign?

Well, the very obvious and pragmatic reason for Rogue's inclusion on an Empire cover, is that it helps the magazine achieve its grand total of 25 covers. But it appears there's more to the story than that cynical answer. Speaking with Empire, writer Simon Kinberg acknowledged that Rogue's "one real sequence in the movie" has indeed been cut. ("We felt like it was taking tension out of the main story drive," he said.) But Singer added an enigmatic comment that could put some hope in Rogue fans' hearts.

"It does not mean that we won't see her in the film," he said.

Okay, back up, back up — Rogue's scene is not in "X-Men: Days of Future Past," but we might still see her in the film? What could that possibly mean? It certainly seems that whatever the case, Rogue's involvement in the movie will be minimal at best. Don't expect anything more than a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo.

In fact, here's an idea: What if Singer's new "X-Men" movie recreates the iconic "Days of Future Past" comic book cover, and Rogue is listed there as one of the "slain" mutants?

Even if Rogue is only seen as an image on a poster, that qualifies her as "in the film" by Singer's standards, I think. We'll see for sure when "Days of Future Past" finally arrives. At the very least, it seems likely that the deleted Rogue scene will appear on the "Days of Future Past" home video release, whenever it arrives.

"I hope to make the sequence available on the DVD as she was quite wonderful in it," said Singer. "She is an important part of the X-Men family."

"X-Men: Days of Future Past" opens on May 23.