Future Liquors Up Beyonce's 'Drunk In Love' With New Remix

Ciara's fiancé puts his spin on the Beyonce track with 'Drunk In Love (Remix).'

Looks like Beyoncé and Jay Z aren't the only hip-hop couple drunk in love. Future, who's engaged to sultry R&B singer Ciara, is also inebriated in affection on his latest freestyle,

"_blank">"Drunk In Love (Remix)," which he dropped on Tuesday, January 29.

The Freebandz take on the runaway hit single begins with the familiar beat intro, then segues into the Atlanta rapper singing the first verse in his signature auto-tuned falsetto, "I been drinkin', I been drinkin'/I'm off that vodka, ain't no tellin' what a wild n---a thinkin', what he thinkin'."

Stand out lines during the "Same Damn Time" MC's warbly crooning include, "F--- them bands girl, me and you going for a million...and a billion," "We woke up in the kitchen screaming honest stuff happen to us" and "One thing I remember that beautiful body off in someone's club."

And just like the original, when Jay hops on to appreciate his wife's "breasteses," Future Vandross switches it up to rapping, getting a tad bit more graphic than Hov, though, with lines like, "You get the flame and I'll light it, you gon' get the p---y indicted" and "You get to hoppin' on that d---, Soul Train." And for those that doubt whether or not he's dedicating the track to his betrothed, there's the line, "Sippin' on some champagne, f---in' up the bedspring/changin' up your last name, f---in' in my gold chains."

Of course, Future, who plans to unveil the cover art and release date for his sophomore album, Honest next week, isn't the only one gettin' tipsy on Bey's vibe.

On Tuesday, in a hilarious video that went viral, actor Vin Diesel sang along to Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" as well as putting on his own sexy performance of "Drunk in Love."