Is This Music Dating Site The New Tinder?

'All By Myself' will not be on the set list this Valentine's Day.

Let's face it: Even if you're not someone who cares about that hearts 'n' roses mess known as Valentine's Day, the holiday still manages to linger in the air come February 14 like a particularly offensive cologne, making us all miserable and headachy. So, friends, why not mitigate that headache with music — and perhaps, a hot date?

Music-based dating site is out with a new feature this month — right in time for V Day. Dubbed "Gig Roulette," the game is similar, in many ways, to mobile dating app Tinder.

"The feature was developed after we heard from many music fans who wanted to attend concerts but were put off going on their own," Tastebuds founder Alex Parish said in a release.

After signing up for the site — which is super simple if you go through Facebook — users are asked to pick their favorite bands and answer some standard dating site questions to fine-tune their profiles. They can then message users as one would on something like OKCupid or, or head over to Gig Roulette and give the digital date wheel a spin.

When you click, you'll be presented with a possible match and a show that they want to hit up. If you're down with the pairing, you can hit "I'm Interested." If you're not down, you can hit "Skip" and/or remove that dater and/or show from future matches. The whole thing is anonymous — unless you and another dater choose each other. Then, one or both of you can send a message and head to the show together., which launched around 2010, introduced a similar, less bells-and-whistles-y feature in 2011 called "Events Matchmaker." That feature worked more like a message board than anything else. "Gig Roulette," on the other hand, is a lot faster and easier to use — and, during my brief trial, uncovered a lot of shows that I would actually go see.

What your plans this Valentine's Day? Are you keen on taking a spin with "Gig Roulette"?