What Happens When You Mix Drake And Bieber? 'Hip-Pop,' Jake Miller Says

'Collide' singer talks to MTV News about creating his own 'lane' on his upcoming album.

Watch out Los Angeles, Jake Miller is taking over.

The MTVs Artist to Watch up-and-comer recently packed his bags and moved from Weston, Florida, to Los Angeles, where, in between hitting up Hollywood Boulevard and the Santa Monica Pier, he will be working hard on his upcoming album.

"I'm just going to be in the studio every single night with different artists, different producers, different writers and I'm going to try to leave L.A. with 100 songs," Miller told MTV News at the MTV Artist to Watch concert in Los Angeles. "And we will pick the best out of those for the next single and the next album."

And he isn't kidding when he says "every single night": fresh off attending his first Grammy Awards , Miller posted pictures of himself hitting the studio with Jason Derulo.

Miller is aiming to release his next single, the follow-up to "Collide," sometime in April, while his album will most likely drop by the end of the year. But don't expect this album to sound like anything you've heard before, because even though he credits Eminem, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and Drake as his inspirations, he's creating a lane all for himself.

"It sounds a little corny, but I honestly can't really compare my sound to any other artist," Miller said. "I'm kind of a mixture of Drake and Justin Bieber, a lot of people have compared me to Travie McCoy because there is a mixture of hip-hop and pop so that's really kind of my lane. It's hip-pop. That's what I call it."