Austin Mahone Still Wants A Drake Collaboration... 'Real Bad'

'MMM Yeah' singer has high hopes for his debut album, slated for release later this year.

Austin Mahone wants his fans to be prepared for big things to happen by mid-2014. That's when the singer hopes to finally release his debut album.

"The album, I'm still working on. I worked with so many amazing people and I have so many incredible songs, I want to choose them wisely," he told MTV News on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards this past Sunday. "I don't want to put the album out and be like 'Man, I should have done this so much differently.' I just want to make sure it's perfect when I put it out."

Mahone recently dropped his new single "MMM Yeah" and has been working on the release in collaboration with Cash Money Records. Mahone is signed to Chase Records, which partnered up with Cash Money Records; both labels are affiliated with Universal Republic.

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"Those guys [at Cash Money] are very professional. They know exactly what they want. They're great and I'm very honored to be signed with them as well," he said. "I deal with all of them. I deal with [record executives] Slim, Baby, Vernon [J. Brown]; all those guys. They're great; they know what they're doing."

And, yes, he's still hoping to hit the studio with Drizzy.

"Still in the works; I want to collaborate with Drake real bad," he teased. "So hopefully I'll get that going this year.

With so much ahead for the 17-year-old singer, he reflected on one of the greatest lessons he learned so far in his career, courtesy of former tourmate Taylor Swift. "I learned she puts on a two-hour show and still keeps everyone interested so, I mean, that's incredible right there," he said.