Is Lucy Hale The 'Ultimate A'? 'Pretty Little Liars' Star Weighs In

Real-life Aria welcomes the conspiracy theories, saying it's 'cool' to be the bad guy.

Since the beginning, "Pretty Little Liars" fans have been trying to figure out just who "A" (an anonymous character blackmailing the show's main characters) is. While there are countless possibilities, one of the more popular theories amongst "PLL" buffs points at one of the show's leads: Aria Montgomery.

And even though Lucy Hale, who stars as Aria on the show, isn't convinced she's playing the teen drama's antagonist, she's not exactly ruling it out either.

"There's a whole following of, like, underground following that thinks that Aria could be the ultimate 'A.' And they have, like, some pretty good theories," she told MTV News when promoting her new single, "You Sound Good To Me." "I'm always constantly impressed. I mean, mainly because Aria is kind of always missing in action, but I mean her excuse is that she's always with Ezra. You know? But if you notice in a lot of the episodes there will be the three girls and it's like, 'Well, where the heck is Aria? Like, where is she?' Yeah there are a lot of people that think that."

So does Lucy worry that potentially acting as the series' mystery villain could tarnish her real-life reputation?

"I mean our show is pretty commercially popular so I think it would be engrained in people's minds for a long time," she said. "But our show has made it kind of popular to be the bad guy. It's kind of the cool thing. Like, Keegan [Allen who plays Toby] and I think Ian [Harding], who plays Ezra, is even more popular now, which I didn't think was possible, after being part of the 'A' team."