Ellie Goulding And Nate Ruess Were Almost 'Too Shy' To Make 'Goodness Gracious'

Goulding teams up with the Fun. frontman on her new single ... though it almost didn't happen.

Here's a tip for any struggling songwriters out there: If you wanna get your work to Ellie Goulding, the best thing to do is avoid her in a hotel lobby, then sheepishly email her about it hours later.

Hey, it worked for Fun. frontman Nate Ruess.

After all, he co-wrote Goulding's new single, "Goodness Gracious" — the latest in string of collaborations that includes the likes of Pink (on the Grammy-nominated "Just Give Me a Reason,") Eminem and Ke$ha — and all it took was a non-meeting in an Australian hotel to get the ball rolling.

"We did a tour together in Australia, the Future of Music Tour, myself, Fun., Azealia Banks and a few other artists," Goulding told MTV News. "He walked past me in a hotel lobby, and then emailed me and was like 'I just walked past you and was too shy to say hello.' And I was like 'I was too shy too!'

"And then we hung out and instantly hit it off. I think he's an amazing songwriter, and I love the way he writes lyrics. We went running and then we decided we wanted to write together," she continued. "We realized we had very similar taste in music, and we just wanted to do something, we didn't care what it was."

Goulding also revealed that she's got another collaboration coming, too, but not with Ruess. Instead, it's James Blake ... though there's a very real possibility he's not aware it's even happening. Much like her version of Alt-J's "Tessellate," Ellie recently recorded a cover of one of Blake's songs, but she stopped short of saying which.

"I love his new record, I've always loved him; I think he's incredibly talented ... so I thought I'd give him a little nod and cover one of his songs," she said. "It's kind of a chilled version — the song itself is pretty chilled anyway — so I don't know if I'll perform it [live]. It depends on what the reaction is, we'll see. You know what I do; I just put them out there."

So it seems we'll all just have to wait to find out what she's got in store. And the same goes for her own music, too. Sure, Goulding's currently writing songs for the follow-up to Halcyon, but she's not sure when she'll get the chance to record them ... or, really, if we even need a new record from her at the moment.

"I would love to have a new album," she laughed, "but I think it might be nice to give people a break from me!"