Get Ready, 'The Originals' Fans: Things Are About To Get 'Pretty Hardcore'

Executive producer Julie Plec previews what's next for the vampy CW series.

The drama never slows down on "The Originals." This week, fans will get to learn what's next for the vampy Mikaelson clan and the rest of the supernatural forces lurking about in New Orleans.

After the harvest was completed, with dire consequences, the fallout will be dramatic. Executive producer Julie Plec revealed that when Davina and the rest of the teen witches, didn't resurrect post-Harvest, their powers were transferred to other witches. And boy, oh, boy do these new supernatural beings have some trouble up their sleeves for vampires Klaus, Marcel and their pals now that they've rolled into town.

"Well the consequences of the harvest power having been hijacked are pretty, pretty aggressive. We have four witches who are clearly up to something and each of them have their own reason to be back and their own revenge to seek," she told MTV News prior to Tuesday's episode.

That means that these four newcomers (or should we say oldcomers), including Celeste, the witch that Elijah Mikaelson loved centuries ago, are back and from the sounds of it they are steaming mad. "So the next four episodes are definitely, definitely pretty hardcore," she added. "And a lot of our heroes don't really come out so easily without getting their own form of punishment at the hands of these angry witches."

Previously, Charles Michael Davis, who plays Marcel, noted that as season one of the CW drama progresses fans will continually be shocked by the twists and turns the show takes.

"There's a lot of changes midseason around the next few episodes and, even for me, I'm gonna be surprised on how we transition out of that. But there's a lot of changes. There's big changes that happen drastically. We don't really drag too much out, so it's really unpredictable," Davis said. "So you're gonna see a lot of development with the characters and the backstories and alliances, as far as characters coming in, characters dying, characters coming back to life, dying again and coming back to life. There's a lot of possibilities there."

"The Originals" airs on the CW on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.