Josh Gad Won’t Be In ‘Fantastic Four,’ But For A Good Reason

'Please don't tell anyone but I am testing for SquirrelGirl,' actor tweets on Tuesday.

Turns out, it’s not clobberin’ time for Josh Gad.

The Internet has been buzzing with the rumor that the “Book of Mormon” and “Frozen” funnyman was testing for the role of Ben Grimm, a.k.a. the Thing, in the new “Fantastic Four” reboot. Considering that the part was previously played by Michael Chiklis of “The Shield” fame, the alleged casting hinted that the franchise may be truly heading in a new direction.

Gad took to Twitter to address the chatter, though his first tweet surely only fired up followers more.

Fellow comedian Michael Ian Black stepped in, telling Gad “You don’t want to work in water. It’s how I got vertigo while starring in ‘The Perfect Storm.’ ”
Many fans clearly didn’t get the sarcasm, so Gad finally put the “Fantastic Four” rumor to rest, but not without starting a new one about a different mega-franchise.

Gad didn’t stop there, as his apparently busy year auditioning for “The Flash,” “Aquaman” and “Star Wars” finally took him to what is sure to be his most challenging part yet: Squirrel Girl, the Marvel Comics superhero who, well, can control squirrels.

Don’t worry Josh. Your secret’s safe with us.