Hunter Hayes Admits He's 'Total Geek' On New Song: Watch

The country star opens up to MTV News about his new ballad, 'Invisible.'

In the six months since Hunter Hayes re-released hisself-titled debut album, the country singer has kept fans hoping that new music is on the horizon.

And on Sunday night at the Grammy Awards, the 22-year-old gave his Hayniacs a brand-new track, the empowering ballad "Invisible," offering up a first listen to what's next for the country crossover star.

"It's a very personal song for me. I'm shocked that we're actually releasing it as our first single off this next record," he shared with MTV News and VH1 on the Grammys red carpet. "But the team actually heard it and said 'No, we should.' Then the Grammys heard it and said 'Actually, we like it so much we'd like for you to introduce it the world on the biggest stage in music'."

Although Hayes is a chart-topping music superstar, he says he still relates to the message of the song about embracing all your eccentricities.

"It's very personal. I love singing it because I love what it says. It's about being misunderstood, right? It's about being that outcast and that total geek, which I have always been and continue to be, very proudly," he explained. "So, it's all about that [and] being not afraid to be really passionate about what you do or whatever it is that makes you feel different."

The song is the first taste of what's next for Hayes and his next project, his first full release since dropping his debut album in 2011. As for that new album, well, fans won't have to wait too much longer to hear it. He revealed, "We believe it will be done in the month of May, very excited about it."