Worst Valentine's Day Ever: Justin Bieber Headed To Court On February 14

Miami Beach police deny charges dropped, say they are confident toxicology will show he was impaired.

Justin Bieber has made a career singing about heartbreak, but come February 14 he's in for the worst Valentine's Day ever. And a girl has nothing to do with it.

That's when he'll make his next court appearance in connection with hisDUI arrest
 in Miami Beach. You'll recall that Justin was stopped by police after they said he was drag racing
 in a rented Lamborghini against pal Khalil on a residential street that had reportedly been blocked off by members of his posse.

After the stop, Bieber was booked on suspicion of DUI, resisting arrest nonviolently and driving with an expired Georgia state license. And contrary to a number of recent reports, he is still facing all three of those charges.

"People are misreading the docket for resisting arrest without violence, which only lists that charge," explained Miami Beach Police Department media relations officer Bobby Hernandez, who said there is a separate docket for the traffic offenses.

And while Bieber was never officially charged with drag racing — and, Hernandez said, will most likely not be — he noted that reports that those phantom charges have been dropped are also erroneous. "All three charges are still in place," he said.

Hernandez explained that Bieber was stopped because of an unusual driving pattern, in this case the alleged drag racing. Once he was pulled over, police observed that he appeared intoxicated and gave him a field sobriety test. He later took a second sobriety test and submitted to a blood test, after admitting to police that he'd consumed a beer, marijuana and prescription drugs before taking the wheel.

"We never said he blew over [the under age limit of .02]," said Hernandez. "We said he blew under and admitted to us that he'd had a beer and smoked marijuana and taken prescription medicine. We did not say he was drunk, but impaired."

As for a number of reports that claim police erred in arresting Bieber for DUI because his breathalyzer came in well below the limit at .014, Hernandez said Miami PD has been clear from the beginning that alcohol alone was not the prime determinant in the arrest.

When the toxicology tests come back in the next few weeks, Hernandez said he is confident that there will be evidence that Bieber was impaired.

"You can pop a Lunesta or a Xanax or cough medicine or anything that can cause you to be impaired and even if you have no drinks and leave the house and rear end another car and kill someone when your blood is drawn you can be arrested for DUI because you are under the influence," Hernandez said. "Even if your [blood alcohol level] is low or zero, a urine sample can show what you had in your system. We said from the beginning that alcohol and narcotics in his system were what caused the DUI."