See Michonne's New Pet Zombies In This 'Walking Dead' Pic

New still teases big backstory reveals for character.

She might have lost her people in the Governor's deadly assault on the prison, but at least Michonne won't be all alone when "The Walking Dead" returns from its mid-season hiatus. She has a pair of cuddly new pets to keep her company!

After having to chop the heads off her original pair of companion walkers in Season 3, the katana queen of the zombie apocalypse has finally found room in her heart to adopt two more. A new still from the next episode of the AMC drama shows Michonne (Danai Gurira) wearing her trademark scowl and trailed by a pair of harmless (armless, jawless) walkers on rope leashes. This time, her undead pets are a couple of bros in matching flannel shirts and cargo pants. We so hope she puts matching sweaters on them when the weather gets cold!

In addition to offering a glimpse of what's next for "The Walking Dead," this image is a hopeful indicator that we'll be seeing much more Michonne in the latter half of season four. Despite being a fan-favorite character from the original graphic novels, and despite a single, loaded moment early in the season in which she broke down while holding Rick's infant daughter, Michonne's backstory is still a mystery.

We've barely even seen her this season, let alone learned her secrets. And we've been waiting more than a year to find out the identities of those original walker pets after that tantalizing moment back in season three in which she explained her indifference to their demise by saying that they, "weren't human to begin with."

Fortunately, there are signs that this isn't all just aimless teasing on the part of the producers. Executive producer Robert Kirkman has promised major Michonne reveals in the latter half of the season, and showrunner Scott Gimple told TV Guide back in October 2013 that the emotional moment between Michonne and baby Judith was setting up an important storyline for the future.

There's no denying that the mistrustful, angry woman we met in season three had begun to open up. She'd become a true team player at the prison, and we even saw her (possibly?) flirting with Rick during one of their brief scenes together. Will the loss of her newfound community be the catalyst for a big, emotional trip down memory lane?

"The Walking Dead" returns Sunday, February 9.