'Breaking Bad' Spinoff: Jonathan Banks Joins 'Better Call Saul'

The Emmy-nominated actor has signed on as a series regular for 'Better Call Saul,' the upcoming spinoff of 'Breaking Bad.'

Does Mike Ehrmantraut have a problem? He better call Saul.

That's exactly what he's doing, it seems, as actor Jonathan Banks has been hired to reprise his iconic, Emmy-nominated "Breaking Bad" role as hit-man Mike for "Better Call Saul," the upcoming spinoff centered on Bob Odenkirk's shady strip-mall lawyer, Saul Goodman. Deadline reports that Banks isn't just on board as a guest for the pilot, either. He's a full-fledged series regular.

But ... that doesn't make sense?

In order to proceed, we need to put our SPOILER shades on. We'll wait a second while you do the same.

All set? Good. Let's continue.

There's the not-so-tiny issue of Mike's death to consider. Gus Fring's number one private investigator and fixer was killed in the penultimate season of "Breaking Bad," shot to death by the increasingly volatile Walter White. How can he continue to exist in the universe of "Breaking Bad," then? It's simple: the series is a prequel, designed to show what life was like for Saul Goodman before he entered the Heisenberg business.

The prequel format allows characters like Mike to return to the world of "Breaking Bad," and even leaves the door open for other deceased characters — like, say, Gus or Walter — to make appearances of their own. For now, however, we know at least Mike will be back among the living when "Better Call Saul" premieres in the fall.

With Mike back in the mix, it's worth wondering who else from "Breaking Bad" will get the call for "Better Call Saul." If Saul's trusted sidekicks Huell Babineaux and Patrick Kuby aren't back for more, we won't be pleased.

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